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Re: GPT questions - gpt reliability, wedge naming, and filesystem scaling.

On Sat, 21 Jun 2014, John Nemeth wrote:
} See above. The thing I find annoying is that wedges/gpt partitions cannot
} be resized. For this reason, when I move the relevant machines to -6 I'll
} use lvm.

    GPT partitions can be resized in -current.  However, there is
no kernel support for resizing wedges, so you need to dkctl delwedge
first, then dkctl addwedge afterwards.  And, of course, there has
to be space after the end of the wedge in order to increase the
size.  gpt(8) will not move data around by itself.

OK, some improvement then, but still work to do.

    BTW, there is an issue in the LVM code somewhere when it comes
to handling large volumes.  I tried to create a large LV (I think
around 6T) and if I recall right it got truncated down to 2T.

Yes, I saw sommthing similar and had to specify the size manually. I think this was when resizing from <2TB to >2TB. In general though, I have had no problems with LV > 2TB and using resize_ffs.


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