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install fails at newfs


i had to wipe out my system and reinstall 6.1.4 (for amd64) because my
constant tinkering messed up something somewhere and the system stopped
booting successfully.

during the install, at the point where newfs is run it stopped moving ahead.
it mentioned something about rwd0a being busy.

so i dropped into a shell and ran the following command;
/sbin/newfs -V2 -O 2 -b 32768 -f 4096 /dev/rwd0a

it gave me the following error;
newfs: /dev/rwd0a: open for read: Device busy

i ran a 'ps -aux' to see if something else was accessing that disk.
nothing was.

is there something i'm doing wrong (the installer usually doesn't allow for
much mistakes)?



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