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Re: NPF: boot time dlopen error

In article <>,
g.lister <> wrote:
>Hi guys,
>I am running 6.1.4 stable on an i386 I have loaded the modules required 
>via boot.cfg:
>       # modstat | grep npf
>       npf               driver     boot       2     34883    -
>       npf_ext_log       misc       boot       0     1091     npf,
>       npf_ext_normalise misc       boot       0     929      npf,
>During boot I get this message:
>       Enabling NPF.
>       npfctl: dlopen: Cannot open "/usr/lib/npf/"
>The so exists in link form and is readable:

I think we moved those to /lib to make sure that they are there when
/usr is on a separate filesystem since npfctl usually runs early.


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