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Unable to find netbsd-INSTALL.gz in the NetBSD-5.2 installation tree.

        Hello.  I'm writing to ask what I'm sure is a very simple question,
but I'm at a complete loss as to where to find the netbsd-INSTALL.gz file
in the NetBSD-5.2 distribution tree.  I've got an old copy of the file
which I'm using to pxeboot machines for installation, but it's from the
NetBSD-5.1 distribution tree and I'd like to update it.  Unfortunately, the
file I'm actually using has been renamed, so I don't remember the source
file name.  I find it hard to believe the NetBS-5.x installation files have
changed that significantly and, indeed, I find netbsd-INSTALL.gz in the
-current distribution tree.  What am I missing?

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