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midori-0.4.9nb11 segfaults on Netbsd 6.1.4/amd64


I've installed midori-0.4.9nb11.tgz binary package with pkgin on my
Netbsd 6.1.3 (Amd64).

bash-4.3$ midori
The configuration couldn't be loaded: No such file or directory
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

bash-4.3$ ls -l
total 10600
drwxr-xr-x  2 oc  users      512 Apr  6 22:56 Desktop
drwx------  4 oc  users      512 Apr 13 17:35 Mail
-rw-------  1 oc  users  5398952 May 14 22:02 midori.core

I've googled this error message and all results seem to be associated
with midori v 0.4.x (current Midori is 0.5.2).

It appears that there should be a /usr/etc/xdg/midori/config and/or a
.config/midori/config file, which are both missing. So I've created a
config file with this entry:


and copied to both locations.

Restarted midori form the command line, nothing seems to happen. When
I stop the process (crtl+c) I still get the segfault and core dump.

On the midori faq page:

I see:
Midori crashes shortly before pages are loaded

There appears to be an issue with Glib 2.16. The recommended solution
is to upgrade your Glib package to 2.18.

I already have glib2-2.38.2 so I don't think this is the problem.

Can anybody shed a light?



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