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NFS performances


I have a NFS setup with both NetBSD 6 client and server over a
gigabit network. Theperformance seems week, even whle client,
server and network are almost idle.

The test: time dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=1024k count=100

Done on the NFS server itself:
   5.31s real 0.00s user 0.39s system

Done over NFS:
   9.82s real 0.00s user 0.12s system

The overhead looks huge. This is a UDP mount with a 1500 bytes MTU,
ping is at 0.8 ms from a virtualized client, ang 0.28 ms for a physical one.

Are the numbers reasonable? Should I consider a 59% NFS overhead  as
acceptable, or are there some parameters to tweak?

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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