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Re: Booting arguments for NetBSD under qemu


On Mon, 21 Apr 2014 19:32:19 +0100
David Brownlee <> wrote:

> tcx0 at sbus0 slot 3 offset 0x800000 level 5 (ipl 9) (8bit only
> TCX)tcx0: SUNW,tcx, 1024 x 768, id 0, rev 0, sense 0system[0]: trap
> 0x29: pc=0xf00abe2c sfsr=0xb6 sfva=0x8fc
> cpu0: data fault: pc=0xf00abe2c addr=0x8fc
> sfsr=0xb6<PERR=0x0,LVL=0x0,AT=0x5,FT=0x5,FAV,OW>
> panic: kernel fault

That's the TCX's hardware cursor position register. Looks like qemu
doesn't actually emulate that part of TCX.

> So an immediate workaround to enable running NetBSD-6.x would be to
> update to qemu-2.0.0 and use "-vga cg3", meanwhile someone can have a
> poke at NetBSD and see why -nographic and emulated tcx have issues...
> :)

See above. A proper workaround would be to either add the missing bits
to qemu or find a way for our tcx driver to detect qemu and skip the
hardware that's not actually emulated.

have fun

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