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Re: netbsd 5 and high speed internet

 I have been using an old 1ghz 1 or 2Mb PC to run netbsd 5 and act as a
 firewall for a number of years.  It is not used for anything but this and

Probably your CPU is adequate, and either there's something wrong
unexpected, or those interfaces are too crufty for 100 Mbps.  If you
have PCI slots and can try some other kinds, especially if you can find
an intel card that is fxp(4), or DEC that is tlp(4), it might help.

Run 'netstat -s' on the gw before and after the speed test, and diff the
results.   Try running wget or something on the gateway itself to
download a large file.

It's remarkable that you are getting 80-90 Mbps on a cable modem.

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