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/etc/fstab in NetBSD < current when device numbers are variable

On 18 April 2014 09:03, Thomas Mueller <> 
> I have the problem with NetBSD finding its root when installed to USB stick, 
> or other device where the root device number/name could vary.  This plays 
> havoc with booting.                                                           

Ottavio Caruso responded:                                                       
> Can you give an example of your fstab, because I have an installation 
> of Netbsd on a USB stick and I don't have this problem. 

I am at a strange text console, 260*67 characters, newcons in FreeBSD-current 
amd64, having come back from X, and seem to get blank lines in between, 

Here is my /etc/fstab from NetBSD 6.1-STABLE on 8 GB Kingston Data Traveler:

# NetBSD /targetroot/etc/fstab
# See /usr/share/examples/fstab/ for more examples.
/dev/sd0a               /       ffs     rw,log           1 1
/dev/sd0b               none    swap    sw,dp            0 0
kernfs          /kern   kernfs  rw
ptyfs           /dev/pts        ptyfs   rw
procfs          /proc   procfs  rw
/dev/cd0a               /cdrom  cd9660  ro,noauto

Problem is I don't always know if USB stick will be /dev/sd0, and an internal 
media reader can play further havoc with device numbers.

NetBSD-current with NAME= gets around that problem.

What do you do for /etc/fstab?


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