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Kernel hang on i386 running 6.1.3

I'm not sure this is a bug, but I've been seeing the kernel hang on my i386 
system running 6.1.3.  I've isolated it to the hostapd setup.  My system has a 
D-Link AirPlus XtremeG DWL-G520 wireless card with H/W version A3 and F/W 
version 2.36.

I noticed some traffic a year or so ago that someone was reporting similar 
problems with an atheros device on 6.0, but never saw a resolution.

The ath man page indicates that the A1 version of the AR5212 card isn't 
supported and I assume that's referring to the H/W version.  My card does run 
outside of the kernel hangs, although it spits out the "device timeout" 
message.  This also happens on a DWA-556 card running on an amd64 system but 
these messages don't appear to seriously impact use of the systems.

What I've finally isolated things down to is the WEP/WPA/WPA2 setup.  All three 
modes do work, but setting the "wpa=3" parameter in the hostapd.conf file 
causes the kernel to hang solid within about 2 hours.  Sometimes the hang 
occurs while booting, sometimes the system runs fine for up to 2 hours before 
hanging.  In all cases this is without any active network connections on the 
wireless interface.

Setting the parameter to "wpa=1" for WPA or setting it to "wpa=2" for WPA2 both 
work fine and the system is able to stay up and running for over 12 hours.  But 
setting it to "3" for both WPA and WPA2 causes the hang. Not using any hostapd 
setup I believe defaults to WEP and that also works just fine.

Using the "wpa=3" on an amd64 system running 5.1 with the D-Link DWA-556 
doesn't cause a problem.

If someone thinks this is really a bug and would like me to run tests I'd be 
happy to.  Although so far I've never been able to get a dump or get into the 
kernel debugger.

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