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Re: /etc/fstab in NetBSD < current when device numbers are variable

"Thomas Mueller" <> writes:

> I have the problem with NetBSD finding its root when installed
> to USB stick, or other device where the root device number/name
> could vary. This plays havoc with booting.
> How do I overcome this problem in NetBSD 6.x and 5.x, or am I
> limited to HEAD and GPT, using "NAME="? Though I don't really
> want to keep up with NetBSD releng-5 on my modern hardware.
> If I go to boot prompt and enter
> boot netbsd -a
> boot is likely to hang at root-device prompt, requiring Reset button.
> Maybe I need to stick with NetBSD-current and GPT?

This was addressed in one of GCI projects.
Because Google Melange is broken, GCI results are not available even to me.
I attach what I can find on my storage. It may be draft, not even the
latest one, but it contains the answer.

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