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Re: Recovering filesystem with large number of orphaned inodes?

"John D. Baker" <> writes:

> From a brief perusal of "fsck_ffs" sourcecode, it appears that if the
> "linkup()" routine returns 0 (zero) for any reason, the inode being
> processed is simply cleared.
> I'd like to give the best possible chance to recover data but I don't
> really feel like having to approve 65534 reconnections.  I'd like to use
> the "-y" option, but have fsck exit if it can't attach the orphan file.
> Then I can move the "lost+found" directory out of the way and start over
> with a new one.

It seems like a bug for fsck to clear an inode that could have been
reattached if there's no space.  Brett's point about writing to a
damaged fs is valid, but it seems better for fsck to error out rather
than delete data, at least by default.

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