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Re: NetBSD on Amazon EC2

On 4/14/14, 8:28 PM, Francisco Valladolid H. wrote:
Hi Folks

I begin using NetBSD 6.1.3 on Amazon ec2, previously using NetBSD 6.1
amd64, whenever the 6.1.3 AMI available don´t contain support for X11.

There are a AMI with X11 support ?

While installing git with pkgin, it fail to install correctly

Thanks for reading.

Best Regards.

Hi Francisco-

Assuming these are the semi-official images I maintain (the ones listed on the wiki), if you read the MOTD when logging in, you can easily install the X11 bits with the '/usr/' script.

From the motd:

The file system is lightly populated so you have plenty of space to play with. Should you need a src or pkgsrc tree, please use the "bootstrap" script found
under /usr to download them.  You can also use the script to set up
binary packages using "pkgin":

                /usr/ [src|pkgsrc|binpkg|xbase|xsets]


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