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Firefox 26: occasional freeze with Youtube Webm videos


I am trying to pinpoint this problem I have and check whether it's
Youtube or Firefox or Netbsd's fault.

bash-4.2$ uname -a
NetBSD  6.1.3_PATCH NetBSD 6.1.3_PATCH (GENERIC) amd64

I used to have the same problem with my previous install on 6.1.2 and
Firefox24. I am now running Firefox26 on 6.1.3.

I don't have Flash plugin installed so I'm relying on Webm only.

Hal, dbus, pulseaudio and Avahideamon are all running fine.

When I watch a video on Youtube (webm) the video starts fine, after
10-15 minutes it freezes. The progress bar goes on but the video is
stalled. Also Firefox freezes. The only way to stop it is to call:
$ pkill firefox
from the command line.

Restarting FF, all other pages are ok but Youtube will refuse to play videos.

I have tried the usual FF troubleshooting:
- removing all cookies
- restarting with add-ons disabled (safe mode)
- I have created a brand new profile
- stopping, logging off and on again

All the above to no avail. The only way is a reboot of the machine.

I have checked on the Mozilla and Google Products forums, I see lots
of similar threads but the all use Flash.

I would like to have your opinion before raising a bug with Mozilla.



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