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Re: How to share paging file between NetBsd and Windows 7?

On Apr 5, 10:24am, (Ottavio Caruso) 
-- Subject: Re: How to share paging file between NetBsd and Windows 7?

| On 4 April 2014 23:17, Christos Zoulas <> wrote:
| > you can mount_ntfs locally readwrite, and point the swap file to
| > the windows pagefile. I believe that should work because the write code for
| > NTFS is complete but the block allocation and freeing code is missing, but
| > you don't need that
| I tried but it didn't work. I couldn't chmod the pagefile to 600:
| -bash-4.2# chmod 600 /mnt/pagefile.sys
| chmod: /mnt/pagefile.sys: Operation not supported

Yes, chmod is not supported on NTFS. It is also not really meaningful
with the NTFS semantics (would be emulated by removing the read write
and execute from all the other entity ACLs from the file, but that's
different again).

| I took that from a quite old Linux-howto. I think Windows 7 should
| accept that. Would it be enough for Netbsd? Would Netbsd allow me to
| change permission on a ms-dos mounted file?

There are no permissions on msdos.

| My old Thinkpad has 80G, of which more than 60 taken by Windows. I can
| remove something but any Gig saved is welcome.


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