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Yay! Never giving up on the git(1) repository (jsonn/src)!

I've just stopped my update of jsonn/src because it is the third
month in a row that it seems to rebuild the entire repository from
scratch, downloading ~860 MB of data.
I'm happy to have the possibility of having a git(1) NetBSD
repository around, and i'm looking into it quite often (and not
seldom that includes history lookups).

It would be interesting to know what the problem is behind
rebuilding the entire repo over and over again -- neither of
FreeBSD (well, once because of the converter bug) nor the Estonian
OpenBSD git(1) mirror do have these problems.  (And DragonFly is
native, of course.)

Is it because you are developing your own converter?
Is it to be expected that the situation changes?
How can i know?
I only have a rather slow, rather unstable (depends on
environment) wireless internet connection, and one of the great
things of git(1) is that i only get those changesets that i want
(trunk) and that are not already included locally.
Thankful for any hint -- and ciao,


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