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Re: trying to build a NetBSD PXE installer with pxelinux

On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 06:38:31PM +0200, Nils Ratusznik wrote:
> [...]
> After that, I wanted to chain Pxelinux and the NetBSD PXE bootloader 
> (
> I first configured a NetBSD-only installer, and wrote a quite complete 
> boot.cfg in order to boot each i386 and amd64 installer kernel. I replaced 
> pxelinux.0 with pxeboot_ia32.bin in dhcpd.conf, and it worked quite well.
> However, when I went back to Pxelinux and chained pxeboot_ia32.bin like 
> explained in the wiki, it did not work.
> The pxeboot_ia32.bin is downloaded, and so is boot.cfg (read requests in
> /var/log/messages are successful). I then get a DHCP discover, a DHCP offer, 
> a request then ACK and nothing for about 10 seconds. Then it starts again 
> with the DHCP discover and offer.
> The configuration for the chain is the following :
> LABEL nbpxeboot
>         MENU LABEL NetBSD PXE installer
>         KERNEL pxeboot_ia32.bin

I use:
label netbsd
  kernel netbsdpxe.0

I suspect the .0 extention instead of .bin is relevant here for pxelinux,
so try to rename pxeboot_ia32.bin to pxeboot_ia32.0

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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