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Slow external USB enclosure with SATA disk

I recently bought a USB3 disk enclosure for a SATA disk. I put a disk in there, and writes are really slow with NetBSD. Less than 1MB/s. I formatted it normally, I made a NetBSD fdisk partition, then made a disklabel with just one slice, called sd0a which fills the entire fdisk partition. I tried formatting with regular ffs and also with -O 2. The format process was pretty slow for both filesystem types, so I guess the problem is lower down.

I plugged it into Windows and formatted it (NTFS), and it allows hundreds of megabytes per second to be written. I didn't test read performance.

USB disks are not something I know much about in a NetBSD context, so I don't really know what to do. I looked at scsictl, and other ctls but it seems like the disk won't allow them to be changed.

What should I try?


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