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Re: limit dhclient to one server only?

On Aug 16,  8:19am, Andy Ruhl wrote:
} On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 11:51 PM, Jukka Marin 
} > I need to set up a DHCP server and client so that the client accepts it's
} > IP from this known DHCP server only.  Is this possible with the standard
} > dhclient?  If so, how? :)
} If I might pry a bit, why?
} I've had this issue a little bit but it's only because when I add some whiz
} bang device to my network, it often wants to be the dhcp server. I'm just
} careful to disable that before I add it to the network.

     Cisco switches (and probably others) have a feature to snoop
for rogue DHCP servers and block them, so this can be solved at
the network level if you use enterprise quality equipment.

}-- End of excerpt from Andy Ruhl

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