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Re: asterisk using the SILK codec on netbsd?

On Aug 15, 11:49am, David Wetzel wrote:
} is there a way to use the SILK codec with asterisk from pkgsrc?

     The SILK codec is only available as a binary module.  The URL
for the module is:
and the details about using it are at:

     I have never attempted to use any of the binary modules on
NetBSD, so I don't know if they will work or not.  The modules
would obviously have been compiled for use on Linux systems, but
if they don't make any library calls there may be a slim chance
that they will work.  Try downloading one and running ldd to see
if it is linked against anything.  If it is, then there is probably
no chance of using without some kind of shim.  If you test it and
it does happen to work, a package could probably be created.

}-- End of excerpt from David Wetzel

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