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Re: postfix smtp AUTH SASL Aug 2013

Missed on reply to send to mailing list.  Sorry to bother Greg Troxnel.

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Got it up and running.  Change sasl_passwd to saslpasswd and did postmap
on it.  *Needed* your telling me the difference between smtpd and smtp.
Checked output with postmap -q and progressively removed extra settings.
Then suddenly thought and reedited /etc/services to use port 25 as usual
where submission is port 587---the call to the ISP made me think of
this, rehashed and reloaded and it worked to myself at  Thanks.  Very much appreciate the help -- lots of
alternate tries.  

If someone does get to adding this to the Guide, I can give
representative files and settings with my email passwd changed.  There
were archived posts to this list of 2011, 2010, Jan 2013, and some
others as well.  Combining all the information may take a little work.
I only know that of all of the stuff I tried, a subset focusing around
smtp_* in and relay_host to myisp:submission in both and
saslpasswd were necessary.  

I am using postfix from pkgsrc with sasl and tls options, and cy2-plain,
and cyrus-sasl and cyrus-saslauthd were built and installed.  There is a
many-many relation between a minimal working configuration and all of
the suggested options and packages, sorry, still confused about those.

John R. Towler

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