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postfix smtp AUTH SASL Aug 2013

My ISP changed some settings and I am adjusting mine and outgoing email is not up yet.

I need SASL with smtp sending AUTH PLAIN $(printf '\0myemail@myemailisp\0emailpasswd' | mmencode) using a bash syntax which works when typed to explain myself.

I read lots of docs and man pages, and am confused about smtpd vs smtp amongst other things.

I read from this list and others archived about the same sort of problems.

I have a sasl_passwd file set up with pkgsrc postfix compiled with the sasl and tls options. I also have a generic file set up which worked before for local vs net wide email.

I tried the std postfix and got errors initializing the SASL lib in smtp_initialize.

The recommendations were to use pkgsrc postfix and pkgsrc cyrus, cy2-plain. Set them up.

Don't see how to activate saslauthd for just this email in envelope email-addr, email-passwd check. Bits and pieces are mentioned. I usually don't have this much trouble reading the docs and then knowing what to do. Sorry to bother people with this.

Some of the archived questions indicated that this setup with postfix would be put in the guide.

Can someone who has worked with this point me to or post a canned example that works correctly. I have a new to use instead of postfix before with using port 25. I apologise for slipping into the slang of what I have read about configuation.

The only thing email does here is go out from my local machine ( to some network wide address such as I can temporarily use this web email interface, but the fewer times the better.

All in machine mail ( is properly not rewritten for the network email address, and gets sent back to my account in /var/mail. The error for network wide email using jtowler@soncom is 530 AUTH needed after MAIL FROM command. The PLAIN mechanism using base64 from a bash shell and typed and pasted from X11 works and I am successgully logged in to the smtp session to send email (but typing commands).

Any help with a working setup would be appreciated. I was concerned about hard coded config file names in the src for postfix/ /src/smtp/smtp_sasl_glue.c (file name could be off, there are not 2 but also appears in postfix/ /src/smtpd.) Someone in the archives wrote that this was a topic for the Guide which they were working on. Pointers to an updated NetBSD Guide would help.

I don't see the difference between smtp and smtpd in postfix. It seems that the needed setup combines both. I can read incoming email no problem, it is just this for outgoing and whether recently email fell into the void with the ISP. Help.

     NetBSD 6.1_STABLE, i386, Dell D610 Latitude

     John R. Towler

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