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samba-bsd printing

Hi there,

I've got a good'old LaserJet 4L printer I would like to continue to use, and possibly shared from a BSD system. To me, a good way to configure the printer for Windows clients appears to be using a raw printer entry in /etc/printcap and use the official or windows provided drivers on the clients, directly. Those drivers can also be uploaded and made available through samba for a quick printer installation on the clients.

For now I am simply using the 'lp' printcap entry on the bsd host and it works pretty good as raw printer already. However each time I print something from a windows clients I get an additional blank page. Does anyone have a similar experience? Should I dig into either printcap, the samba configuration or something else?

Here's the printcap configuration:
raw|raw printer:\
just the same as 'lp' but the spool dir.  sh: is usefull.

Here's the samba configuration:
    printable = yes
    print command = /usr/bin/lpr -P%p -r %s
    printer = raw
    printing = bsd
    path = /var/tmp
I am not sure about the path for the printer, is it supposed to point to the spool dir?



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