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Re: support for wireless card intel centrino 2230

Michel Behr <> writes:

> I discovered that my laptop's wireless card (intel centrino 2230) is not
> supported by netbsd. How can I help develop the correspondent driver? Where
> are the "projects" about driver development located in netbsd? And how can
> I find out who's working on this... and how I might help? Are there
> specific teams that develop drivers...?

I am not aware of organization for driver development.  Pretty much
people work on what they want and send it in, and communicate via the
lists.  Some suggestions:

Try current; perhaps you meant that you did, but often drivers in
-current are ahead of -5 and -6.

Look at iwn(4).

Look in src/sys/dev, and in particular in the ic and pci subdirs.
Generally there is a driver for a chipset, and attach routines for
cardbus and other buses, so that the same driver works for varying
attachment methods.

Post (on port-i386?) the pci device ids that are found.

Look in OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and perhaps dragonfly, and see if any of them
have a driver.  There's a long tradition among the BSDs of porting
drivers from one to the other.  As long as this is noted in comments and
commit messages, pretty much everyone is happy about it.

Boot linux, and capture the dmesg/pci device info/etc.

For all other systems, if you find one with support, figure out what
driver is used, and what other chips are supported.  Then look for
those other chips in NetBSD.  It may be that your chip is very close to
one that is supported, in which case adding it isn't that hard.

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