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Re: Installation on a LVM partition

On Jul 9, 12:36pm, Victor Santos wrote:
} I'd installed, to be more precise:
} 1. Extracted all sets that I want in root.
} 2. Configured, /etc/fstab and /etc/rc.conf (missing something ?)
} 2. Pointed GRUB2 of Arch Linux to load NetBSD kernel.
} after this kernel is loaded correctly, but theres a problem in mount
} root device, tried --root=/dev/Vol0/netbsd and --root=Vol0/netbsd and no
} success.
} I think that the problem is because the LVM module (dm ?) isn't loaded
} earlier root mount.
} On linux it can be done adding module to initrd/initramfs on FreeBSD can
} be done recompiling kernel.
} So I think for boot correctly a I've to recompile NetBSD kernel with LVM
} module, if I'm correct, is possible compile NetBSD kernel from linux or
} from FreeBSD ?

     You can build a NetBSD kernel on any POSIX system (including
Windows).  See here for instructions: .  You will
need to add the line "pseudo-device       dm" to kernel config file

} obviously if have other way of LVM module be loaded earlier root mount
} instead of recompile kernel will be great!

     Adding the device to the kernel won't solve the problem of
needing to do a "vgchange -a y".  You can try building a custom
kernel, but I won't guarantee that it will be able to find the root

}-- End of excerpt from Victor Santos

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