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Re: BSD Licensing Compatibility

The filesystems i was looking at are:
AdvFS: GPL v2

I am basically aim to use UFS for a base because of its BSD inheritance and structure. While combining a mixture of some of the more advanced features in both JFS & AdvFS. Both of which are very stable & reliable filesystems for Linux and SVR4.

On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 11:38 AM, Greg Troxel <> wrote:

Martin <> writes:

> Hey,
> I am looking at creating a derived File system from currently available
> open-sourced File-systems. My big question is license compatibility, as i
> don't want to start the project only to find that the source i have used is
> not under a compatible license with the other source/s.
> The current sources i am looking at are licensed under the following:
> BSD License
> GNU GPL version 2
> GNU GPL version 1

Can you post a list of the filesystems in question?  Your question is
too vague to really address

> I understand you can license something under a multiple licenses, but i was
> kinda hoping to eventually release it under one of the BSD licenses.

It's unlikely you can derive from GPL and release under BSD.  But such a
question cannot be definitely addressed in the abstract.

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