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Re: Help !!

Just login as root, no password at this stage. Then run 'man afterboot' - it will tell you the first steps required to configure your system.



On 27 December 2012 06:43, Rohit Bhatia <> wrote:

Hey Sir Can you assets me Bypassing this !! 
On Sun, 23 Dec 2012 17:05:54 +0530 Rohit Bhatia wrote:
I am Rohit , i had been working for Eden but wanted to now shift to your

Although i am not a good coder or programer but i do see i bright
opportunity in your Group

if you don't mind can we have a chat … Facebook , WhatsApp , GTalk or
anywhere just do let me  so as i could really get the core to begin with

One of my Task is under review at Sahana  Eden so till the time guide me
with the things i need to download to begin with ( Basic , essential )  ,
also register my this ID , or Google ID -

As the flow begins i promise i won't trouble you for small things

you can find information of how to contact us and what you need/could do here:

For the beginning, the best way would be to come into our IRC channel
#netbsd-code on Freenode (you'll find a link to a web application on the
temporary wiki).

Depending on what tasks you want to do, you can start by starting up the
Virtualbox image of NetBSD. But there are also tasks about website conversion
or research where you don't need NetBSD installed.

For anybody else who wonders: This is about Google Code-In. ;-)

Regards, Julian


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