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Re: Mysql server does not start in boot time NetBSD 6.0

2012/12/26, Sverre Froyen <>:
> On Dec 26, 2012, at 01:32, Edgar Rodolfo <> 
> wrote:
>> Currently i have two machines (one virtual machine and real machine)
>> in both is the same, mysql 5.1 version and 5.5 is the same strange
>> behavior  they do not start in boot time :(, but is normally when i
>> write /etc/rc.d/mysqld start.
>> I have NetBSD 6.0 release i386 (NetBSD-6.0-i386)
>> I read some recomendations, e.g.
>>, but i
>> can not start mysql in boot time normally as i do in another release
>> (5.x)
> As a workaround, can you try to add a "sleep 5" after the command that
> starts mysqld in /etc/rc.d/mysqld (see the attached diff)? This works for me
> in all the cases that I have tested (i386 and amd64, NetBSD 6 and current).

Thanks, i will try it

> Regards,
> Sverre

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