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nvi2, nvi-1.81.6 utf8 problem

I've been using traditional ex-vi for a long time because
in nvi-1.81.6, although you can write and see non ascii characters,
commands like :s or :g don't work with them.  So when I sow that someone
was adding multibyte character support to nvi-1.79, I ran to try.

Zhihao Yuan has replied kindly to my building problems of nvi2
and has created a branch to fix building under NetBSD:

But the multibyte support is the same as in nvi-1.81.6 so I have the
same problems.  I've tried nvi-1.81.6 in NetBSD, Gentoo, Slackware and
Crux, with several terminal emulators and locale settings, but always the
same whereas traditional ex-vi works perfect.  Also Zhihao Yuan doesn't
have this problems on FreeBSD so I would like to know the experience of
other non-English users.

Thanks in advance,

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