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Re: How to use two WAN connections at once?

Sorry for the delay. I had to follow other priorities the last days.
Please keep me in copy when replying.

David Young wrote:

>> >The trick is to use PF to pin each flow to a particular WAN connection.
>> >In that way, if WAN 1 is disrupted *temporarily*, flows on that
>> >connection may stall for a while, but they have the possibility to
>> >recover, which is important.  Meanwhile, you establish all new flows on
>> >WAN 2 while the WAN 1 disruption persists.  When WAN 1 recovers, you may
>> >establish new flows on either connection, again, and the WAN 1 flows
>> That would be very good. I guess it will also work, when the machine
>> running PF is not directly connected to the WAN interface (ifwatchd is
>> useless for me), but will just route the packets to the next host (which
>> is e.g. a DSL-router/modem)?
> Are there two DSL routers/modems, or just one?

Two. One for ADSL and one for LTE.

> If two, are they connected to your NetBSD router on two independent
> LAN segments?


Frank Wille

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