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Re: dict-client and web2

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 2:06 AM, Eric d'Halibut 
<> wrote:
> I notice in /usr/share/dict/README:
> "Welcome to web2 (Webster's Second International) all 234,936 words worth.
> The 1934 copyright has elapsed, according to the supplier."
> How do I configure dict-client to avail itself of those files? (Do I
> need to set up a dict-server for this purpose?)

dict-client talks to dict-server via dictionary protocol (RFC2229).
So, if you want to use dict-client you need to setup dictionary server.
However, dictionary server (dictd) uses specially formatted databases,
not just plain texts from /usr/share/dict.

If you want to run dictd server with Webster dictionary locally,
you may use the following packages:

textproc/dict-client      - Dictionary Service Protocol client
textproc/dict-dictionaries(dict-data) - Dictionary data for DICTD
textproc/dict-server      - Dictionary Service Protocol server

Configuring dictd is easy, example config is provided.
If you need help, let me know.

Otherwise you can access dict:// or any other available dict server.

If you really need files from /usr/share/dict, have a look at dictfmt(1).
This is a tool for creating dictd databases.

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