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Re: named issue

On Mar 26,  9:05am, John Klos wrote:
} >>> Most things seem faster and the system seems much more responsive after
} >>> switching to NetBSD 6, however named seems to take much more cpu, in fact
} >>> at times it maxes out the system. Does anyone have any ideas on what I
} >>> could do to improve performance?
} ...
} > Could it be the issue discussed in this thread?
} >
} >
} Good to know about that. Another possibility is that your server is set up 
} as a recursive resolver and people are using it for reflection attacks. 
} Can you get a tcpdump and see how many packets are DNS. Run something like 
} this:
} tcpdump -c 250 -n | grep .53:

     Make that tcpdump -c 250 -n port 53

} If you see lots of lookups for, your server is being used for 
} reflection attacks.
}-- End of excerpt from John Klos

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