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Re: ipv6 tunnel to ec2 instances

Jan Schaumann <> wrote:
> Does anybody here have a working IPv6 tunnel into an ec2 instance?  I
> seem to have trouble setting this up.  The configuration helper
> suggests the following (which seems about right to me):
> ifconfig gif0 create
> ifconfig gif0 tunnel
> ifconfig gif0 inet6 2001:470:1c:7e0::2 2001:470:1c:7e0::1 prefixlen 128
> route -n add -inet6 default 2001:470:1c:7e0::1
> But the EC2 instance (NetBSD 6.0_BETA, ami-37805e5e) does not seem to be
> get any IPv6 connectivity:

I'm still seeing the same problem with NetBSD 6.0, ami-68ff4101.  Is
there anybody who has been able to set up an IPv6 tunnel to an ec2


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