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Re: Unified BSD?

The reason was actually intellectual property based between AT&T and the proprietary BSD/386 if your talking BSD4.4. That was the core reason for why FreeBSD and NetBSD started.
So really it isn't that crazy, more highly unlikely that your going to get the core developers of each project to abandon years of work to start again on a unified BSD.

It is a cool thought, one i have thought about.

Which is why i reckon your far more likely to get support for a new BSD system that takes the foundation of one of the existing BSD's and create a project that aims for compatibility between the major BSD players.

At least then its not like restarting.

On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 8:36 AM, Justin Mayes <> wrote:
Yes, your bat crap crazy :-)

All of these variants inherit from the same unified BSD 4.4 base code as far
as I know. So years ago  there were reasons that groups wanted to spilt off
and focus on specific goals. Some of these goals are mutually exclusive.
These BSD variants are not really competing with each other or Linux for
that matter.

Justin Mayes 

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Subject: Unified BSD?


First and foremost I'd like to present myself, I'm a young and naive junior
sys admin that think people should be able to compromise and see the bigger
picture and the good of the cause.

Now over to the reason for my post.

As all of you probably know there's a lot of buzz around Gnu/Linux these
days and I'm pretty sure you couldn't care less. What I'm wondering is why
the BSD community which from what I can gather isn't as big as the Linux
community have decided to split their resources into several different
projects/forks/distributions. To me it seems *BSD would be in a more
competitive shape if all developers would get in under one roof?

Am I bat crap crazy for thinking it could be good to merge the four largest
BSD variants out there, take the best bits and pieces out of each and create
a Unified BSD?

Kind Regards,
Robin Bjorklin

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