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Re: Re (2): OT: SPARC 13W3 video (cable) adapters

Hi Hauke,

On 6/21/2012 9:28 AM, Hauke Fath wrote:
At 6:03 Uhr +0100 21.06.2012, Andrew Smallshaw wrote:
The older Suns present a composite
sync-on-green signal as opposed to separate H/V sync on dedicated
pins as expected by PC monitors

FTR, The SUNs' four-wire "composite sync" != three-wire "sync on green".

Over the years, I think Sun monitors have been all over the map
in terms of video interfaces.  For years, I ran a pair of X7145A's
just so I didn't have to fuss with the various SBUS, UPA, etc.
adapters.  Eventually, I decided I needed the desk space enough
to risk tossing those beasts (IIRC, they were 80 or 90 pounds,
each!) in favor of something with a smaller footprint.

Aside from a Voyager (whose display can't really be considered
as a separate entity), the only Sun displays I currently have are

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