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Re: Maintaining alternative OS: emulator vs linux emulation layer

In article <20120602154012.GA14538%SDF.ORG@localhost>,
Mayuresh  <> wrote:
>I use NetBSD as a primary desktop OS. However there are a few areas where
>I am still required to use an alternative OS such as usb printer and
>scanner and few other applications not available on NetBSD.
>At present I maintain two separate installations, though it's very
>inconvenient to reboot to a different OS just for some small work.
>My alternative OS is Arch Linux (if it matters). Wondering, whether it can
>be run though qemu or any other emulator on NetBSD as a host. Point is,
>will it be able to solve USB scanner/printer problems through this
>Alternatively, is there a way to utilize Linux emulation layer that netBSD
>has to meet such requirements?

It depends on what you want to do. If you come up with a list of things that
don't work, we might be able to fix them.


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