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pkgin/sysinst (was Re: (AMI) usability)

On 4/8/12 5:22 PM, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
On 8 April 2012 23:31, Jeff Rizzo<>  wrote:

We're working on addressing this at least a bit in 6.0, which will make it
easier to have pkgin available right off the bat.  Please test the new
config menu in -current sysinst!  (it will be pulled up to netbsd-6 before
I just did. It looks good, but:

- the network configuration was tested and performed, but did not go
into the installed system even if I answered that this was the final
network configuration for the target host

I'll look into this - it was working for me last I tried.

- pkgin setup was transferred to the target system, but I had to
select 6.0_BETA_current as the repo, as there is no 6.99.4 version
available ( and this works only partially - many libraries in base
system are newer version than those required by the binary packages in
6.0_HEAD_current, one has to link to the required version, which is OK
for a package like sudo which lacks only two libraries, but not for
something like icewm, which leads to tens of libraries with wrong

yes, binary packages and -current do not go well together; the only thing that might make it better is if there were binary packages of libraries from the version in question which could be installed on later versions. (this might actually be a good idea to implement - anyone want to make a stab at it?)

Sorry for hijacking the thread, it is probably not worth a PR at this stage.

Yeah, hold off.  I'll look into them separately.


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