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NetBSD 6.0 BETA: ICH8: Mic WORKS if placed in front headphone jack!

Was quite flustered by mic not working on NetBSD, even after a patient
wait for 6.0 BETA - the only thing that kept me from switching to NetBSD
as my primary OS for a while.

Was trying the rear jacks so far.  Never realized my desktop had a couple
of tiny jacks on the sides - one for Mic and one for headphone.

The one for Mic did not still work, though one for headphone worked after
inserting a Mic into it - after a little bit of trial and error with mixer

The motherboard manual shows (almost) any jack to be configurable for any
purpose - speaker/mic/headphone etc. What I am not sure about is, whether
the hardware provides sufficient abstraction over this so that driver
remains unaware of it, or is it the driver that has to do something to
allow such flexibility. From observations, it seems the latter.

Anyway, I am really happy today that I don't have to boot into another OS
just for the sake of using the microphone and can stick to my beloved OS
as my primary platform now on.


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