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Re: NetBSD bricked my NIC

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> Hi people,

Hi Stathis,

> I was trying to pxeboot netbsd-GENRIC (version 5.1) in an Asus Eee 901
> netbook.
> Kernel started up fine, but at some point I got spammed with tons of
> errors:
> 'ale0: phy read timeout: phy X, reg Y'
> and then:
> 'no file system for ale0'
> I rebooted the machine, but I could no longer use pxeboot and my NIC
> didn't show up in BIOS.
> Does anyone know:
> 1. how could I restore my NIC to a working state ?

Could you try to reset your BIOS to your factory defaults ? I had a similar 
issue with a Linux live CD on a desktop computer : an old network driver caused 
my NIC to disappear in the live OS, in the installed OS and in the BIOS. A BIOS 
reset worked for me.

> 2. how could I make NetBSD use my NIC properly? According to
> it should already be
> supported out of the box.

I can't help with this one but I suggest a hardware revision comparison between 
your NIC and other people having the same laptop.

Hope this helps,


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