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Re: 5.1 release?

Also here - the 900Mhz Thinkpad, 256MB Ram, 8GB Harddisk (Compact Flash). Very 
fast - videos, Webbrowser and all I need. Maybe its a good idea to use a light 
window manager, I have blackbox7 running. It takes under 4MB of RAM!

The packages are not always the earliest release, but installing these binaries 
is a matter of minutes. I never copiled any program on the laptop here.

herb langhans

> I have a 366MHz notebook with NetBSD, don't know if
> I've updated to NetBSD-5 yet. Lots of ram and large
> hdd aren't essential. I have most problems with the
> smaller keys and unusual key placement. Building from
> source isn't essential unless your systems has quirks
> that require a custom kernel. It's also possible to
> do without pkgsrc if you can manage with prebuilt
> packages.
> > Actually I have an older computer, Cx486DX-2 at 66 MHz, Texel,
> > now Plextor
> > CD-ROM (2x) on Trantor T130B SCSI which also accommodates Iomega
> > Zip 250.
> > might try to install NetBSD 4.0.1 but will not have space for a full
> > install,
> > might get a minimally productive system at best.  When I get that
> > new computer,
> > this old computer will go to the cyber waste recycling center!
> Unless you can get a replacement disk controller or
> find a scsi hdd I'd send it to the tip. I have several
> 486 pcs but new ram to make them useful is way too
> expensive. I could manage to populate one of them to
> 32MB ram or two with 16MB. My firewalls with
> NetBSD 1.5x had only 8MB ram but were fit for purpose
> at least with a 500kb/s adsl connection. A lightning
> strike I think was responsible for those failing
> along with my desktop pc psu (confetti from a blown
> up cap) and monitor failed soon after.
> David
> > Tom

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