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Re: 5.1 release?

On 8 Sep 2010 at 11:02, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> 7/29/08
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> From "Greg Troxel" <>:
> > Yes, I meant get all of src and xsrc via cvs, and rebuild everything.
>  > You say "overlay the binaries".  Does that mean just copy over?
> > It means put a new kernel and userland binaries in place.  This is
> > slightly tricky, which is why I put it a script and commented it.
> > > There
> > > might be some files whose name will have changed, and some that are
> > > being dropped.
> > Read the scripts I pointed you to :-) Not everything is handled, but it
> > works well enough for most uses.
> > > You say tracking netbsd-5 is perfectly ok, does that mean it's safer
> > > than tracking netbsd-current?  One feature that might attract me to
> > > netbsd-current is improved support of Linux ext2fs.  I suppose I could
> > > download and install netbsd-current to a USB stick, but don't want to
> > > keep updating on USB stick: too slow on my system.  But I'd see if it
> > > can read my Linux ext2fs partitions.
> > Yes, it's much safer than current.
> You mentioned sysutils/etcmanage, are those the scripts you refer to?
> I checked the description, which says this packages updates /etc but says 
> nothing about the whole userland.

The tricky bits are changed files in /etc that you
need to leave of attend to update without losing yor

Other thing in case it's needed is to update /dev

> I guess I need to download the package and see what's in it?
> How much disk space does it take to rebuild the whole system?  When I get 
> that new computer I've been planning on, I'll have much more disk space as 
> well as much more RAM.

for a  router/firewall that can also standin as
ftp/www server

du -sh /mnt_l/source/*
1.0G   /mnt_l/source/src
262M   /mnt_l/source/xsrc
171M   /mnt_l/source/sets
463M   /mnt_l/source/pkgsrc

du -sh /mnt_l/pkgbin/*
2.2G   /mnt_l/pkgbin/local
1.2G   /mnt_l/pkgbin/pkg
65M    /mnt_l/pkgbin/pkg_tarup
163M   /mnt_l/pkgbin/pkgsrc_distfiles

filesystem      used    mount
/dev/wd0a       122M   /
/dev/wd0g  2.6G   /var
/dev/wd0h  836M   /usr

The src/xsrc should be fairly consistent but
still depends on what housekeeping has been done.

Pkgsrc is a different matter and is what packages
you select to use. For me, it also includes x11.

On my p4-2400 system a kernel takes around 30min
whilst build of sets (including X) takes 8hr+.


> Main purpose in downloading and installing NetBSD-current would be to see how 
> it does with Linux ext2fs.  But I could also see how/if it boots, though this 
> would be through PLoP boot manager (, since my old system 
> doesn't support booting from USB directly.
> Tom

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