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Re: Segfaults on program exit

=> Hi,
=> For a while, I've seen segfaults and core dumps when exiting some programs
=> (on
=> NetBSD-current / amd64). The programs in question are vlc and octave, both
=> from pkgsrc. Not sure if this is a NetBSD problem or a pkgsrc issue, hence
=> the
=> cross post.

   "Me too." I've seen the same sort of crash on exit in NetBSD/amd64
current (as of a couple months ago) and netbsd-5 branch. I've also seen
vlc crash on opening media, where the core shows two threads trying to
call NetBSD's non-thread-safe dlopen(3) at the same time from seemingly
unrelated parts of the code (preventing a nice, simple change to the
vlc code as a workaround.)

                                      Gary Duzan

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