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Re: trouble building

Putrycy <> wrote:

> root file system type: nfs
> warning: no /dev/console
> init: Creating mfs /dev (437 blocks, 1280 inodes)
> sh: Can't open /etc/MAKEDEV
> init: Unable to run MAKEDEV: Invalid argument
> Apr 19 19:08:46 init: /etc/pwd.db: No such file or directory
> Enter pathname of shell or RETURN for /bin/sh
> I can't really find anything explaining this behaviour. Is there anyone able
> to help me ?

I assume you used install.  To quote from usage:

  Run "make installworld" to \`idir' to install all sets
  except \`etc'.  Useful after "distribution" or "release"

Note the "except etc" bit - when you are upgrading an existing
installation you don't want to overwrite all you settings with a fresh
copy of /etc, instead you are going to use something like etcupdate to
merge new /etc.

> I also have some basic questions, like :
> What's the actual difference between building distribution and release ?

"distribution" builds everything into $DESTDIR.  "sets" create
base.tgz &co from that.  "release" does that and also builds release
kernels, formatted install notes, etc.

For a fresh install you want to do

  $ ... release

or, if you know you don't want standard prebuilt kernels, you can save
some time by doing

  $ ... distribution sets

Both create sets in RELEASEDIR/RELEASEMACHINEDIR/binary/sets and you
can untar the sets you need to your nfsroot.  You need at least base
and etc sets to get a working system.

SY, Uwe
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