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Re: NetBSD and BCM4312 rev01

A little note to server sysadmins and mirrors
sysadmins... is SLOW, and fetching sources via cvs is PAIN IN THE A**.
It's SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW and error-prone. Please note that we're in
2010, and cloning other OSes source code i've fetched MUCH faster (an
example? i've cloned the Linux sources at about 1.2 MEGABYTE per
second. and yeah, it's many orders of magnitude smaller, but in
comparison it's FAST FAST FAST FASTER).

To mirrors admin: UPDATE your mirrors.
I've seen mirrors older from one to two weeks. Programming updates is
not that hard, we're sysadmin, it's our job after all, isn't it???

I don't want to offend anyone, but i can't waste an entire day
downloading from servers at the ridiculous speed of 34-40
kb/s. It's ridiculous. Do something.

Elric W.

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