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Help me test xmlgrep before inclusion into base

Hi there,

I finally got around to hacking up a brand new version of xmlgrep,
which is part of my xmltools project. This is a nearly complete
rewrite of my SoC project. (See [1] if you're interested in the
reasons as to why it needed rewriting, why it took me so long, and
what the new version brings.)

Feature-wise, this xmlgrep is pretty much what I intend to import into
base. But before I can do so, I'd very much appreciate if fellow
NetBSD users could give me feedback on my work, and help me test it on
their own datasets.

If you're interested in helping out, please get the latest source from
my Git repo:

  $ git clone git://

Please read the included README file for build instructions, although
it's pretty much straightforward if you're running NetBSD. A simple
GNU makefile is also included for non-NetBSD platforms (sorry, but no
autotools for now); I've tested it on GNU/Linux. I do not have access
to other operating systems at the moment, but comments from users
running these systems are welcome.

Also, I would appreciate any feedback you can give me on the
documentation included in the distribution, whether you find the
explanations clear and complete enough to use the package, or if you
think some things ought to be mentioned, reworded or moved.

The documentation takes the form of man pages. They are located in
doc/. xmltools(7) gives a general overview of the tool suite (though
there is only one at the moment) and more importantly a full
description of the pattern language. xmlgrep(1) is your standard
utility man page with the list of options and stuff, as well as some
examples; it tries to mimic grep(1) options, so hopefully it should
look familiar.

Nhat Minh


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