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Memory loss with Linux emulation


I have a system running 5.0/i386 with Linux emulation enabled.
All required files are copied to /emul/linux from a SuSE 8.2 installation,
and everything is working fine.

But there is one larger commercial program (from my company) which I have
to restart multiple times a day, and each time I'm losing memory. After a
few dozend starts (and terminations) it occupies several GB of swap space.

I have access to the source, and the program starts some own processes
with fork() and execvp() but none of them can be found after the main
application terminates. Still the memory is gone.

Is there any command to get a statistic or keep track of virtual memory?
It cannot disappear without a trace, I hope. :)

Or is there any known bug in Linux emulation regarding memory loss?
Most other Linux programs I tried don't have this problem.

Frank Wille

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