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Re: ***UNCHECKED*** Re: games/adventure

Just tested it on

NetBSD Junk.BQTnet.SE 3.99.8 NetBSD 3.99.8 (Junk) #0: Fri Nov 4 01:22:11 CET 2005 root%Junk.BQTnet.SE@localhost:/usr/obj/sys/arch/i386/compile/Junk i386

Seems to work fine.


Paul Goyette wrote:
OK, I finished cleaning things up!

I have created a dungeon-3.2b package for everyone to try out. I have only used it on port-amd64 systems, and I have not yet tried saving or restoring a game. But basic operations seem to work.

The attached .tgz file can be unpacked in .../pkgsrc/games/ Then just cd to .../pkgsrc/games/dungeon and 'make install'

I'll probably commit this to pkgsrc in another week or so, to give folks some time to report successes or failures.

Enjoy the Great Underground Empire!

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