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Re: (i386) Changing the order of "wd"s

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Ingolf Steinbach  <> wrote:
>in my PC, I have an old hard disk attached to the on-board IDE
>controller and a newer SATA disk attached to a separate controller in
>one of the PCI slots.
>As I plan to retire the old disk soon and work only with the SATA
>disk, I'd prefer to have the SATA disk as wd0 and the old one as wd1
>in order to keep the numbering consistent when the old one will be
>If I disconnect the old disk, the new disk is handled as wd0 during
>installation of NetBSD (5.0.1) to that disk. But when I connect the
>old disk again (to copy the data), the new disk is then attached as
>wd1 which causes the boot procedure to fail.
>How can I specify the numbering (except building a custom kernel with
>hard-wired numbers)?

That's the only way I know how to do it.


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