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5.0.1 install hang

Dear All,

I was intending to begin an adventure with NetBSD. The sysinstall hangs
(booted with 5.0.1 iso) after few lines of hardware probe.

No matter whether I chose 1) default install, 2) no ACPI install or 3) no ACPI
no SMP install, result is a hang at line below:
The last visible line is like "satalink 0:0:0 lost interrupt". Nothing more
happens, needs hard reset.

My environment is (custom desktop):
Athlon XP 2500+ (barton, socket A)
Abit NF7-S with latest BIOS ver (nForce 2 MCP, SATA 3112A Sillicon)
2 x SATA (80GB Windows boot, 160GB win files)
1 x U-DMA (160GB dedicated for NetBSD)

There is no difference in behavior even when SATA disks are disconnected.
The same happens when tried to install FreeBSD (hang at: GEOM_LABEL: Label for
service provider sda ... is ... )

Any help?

Best regards,

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