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Re: audiorecord producing only white noise

Aaron J. Grier wrote:
> what is record.source set to?  the
> fix might might be as simple as mixerctl -w record.source=line

Hi Aaron, 

$ mixerctl -a |grep record

Thanks.  Sadly, no. :-(   I'm pretty sure audiorecord and mixerctl both
set /dev/sound, so 

        mixerctl -w record.source=line
        audiorecord -p line

do the same thing.  

BTW, gramofile is immaterial.  With nothing running, I'm able to play the
tape through the sound card to the speakers.  So the hardware's OK, or at
least hooked up correctly.  

I tried various permuations of -v & -m, and of sampling rates, precisions,
and formats.  I can make nasty, whiny noises with cat(1) and /dev/sound.  
With -m=255, I can interrupt listening pleasantly to the tape with a
pretty awful growl when audiorecord runs.  The hurricane ends and the
music resumes when I press ^C.  

I spent quite a few hours poring over source code, looking for changes
since 2.0 that might apply.  (auvia hasn't seen much related to the
hardware, although it now participates in a filtering scheme of some

I even found the specs for the A/D at 
Register 0x28 defauls to 0x3c7, just as reported by dmesg:

> auvia0: ac97: ext id 3c7<AMAP,LDAC,SDAC,CDAC,SPDIF,DRA,VRA>

The driver doesn't report the values of D10-D15, which might be

I can't tell if the hardware's broken, or it's slightly different from
what mrg@ tested with, or if I still haven't stumbled on the right
incantation.  I'd replace the hardware if I knew that's what it was.  I
found a CS4281 card for $5 + shipping, should work with clct(4)....  

The rest of mixerctl is below, in case it helps.  



$ mixerctl -av
outputs.master=255,255 volume delta=8
outputs.master.mute=off  [ off on ]
outputs.mono=255 volume delta=4
outputs.mono.mute=on  [ off on ]
outputs.mono.source=mixerout  [ mixerout mic ]
outputs.headphones=255,255 volume delta=4
outputs.headphones.mute=off  [ off on ]
outputs.surround=127,127 volume delta=8
outputs.surround.mute=off  [ off on ] volume delta=8  [ off on ]
outputs.lfe=127 volume delta=8
outputs.lfe.mute=off  [ off on ]
inputs.speaker=255 volume delta=16
inputs.speaker.mute=off  [ off on ] volume delta=8  [ off on ]
inputs.mic=191 volume delta=8
inputs.mic.mute=on  [ off on ]
inputs.mic.preamp=off  [ off on ]
inputs.mic.source=mic0  [ mic0 mic1 ]
inputs.line=255,255 volume delta=8
inputs.line.mute=off  [ off on ],191 volume delta=8  [ off on ],255 volume delta=8  [ off on ]
inputs.aux=191,191 volume delta=8
inputs.aux.mute=off  [ off on ]
inputs.dac=191,191 volume delta=8
inputs.dac.mute=off  [ off on ]
record.source=line  [ mic cd video aux line mixerout mixeroutmono phone ]
record.volume=240,240 volume delta=16
record.volume.mute=off  [ off on ]

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